Technology is making things easy and stress-free for the world. The conveniences that the world enjoys today did not even cross the minds of people in the past, and now they have become a part of our everyday lifestyle. Technology has affected every field across the world, and for the corporate sector, the story is no different.

The widespread acceptance of technology has changed the corporate landscape. Today, having an online presence has become a necessity for a successful business. The efforts and struggles that were needed to set up a traditional business are eliminated with the advent of online companies. Establishing a digital business does come with its own set of challenges, but it is simple and less stressful compared to a brick-and-mortar setup.

From eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Magento to Google Analytics and Diib, setting up, running, and tracking the performance of digital businesses has become super convenient for entrepreneurs. While the eCommerce platforms help setting up an online store easy, solutions such as Diib, a SaaS-based SEO platform, aid the business growth plans for digital nomads.

Today, every business owner understands that a digital presence is crucial for their success and how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key element in business growth. It is the most effective way to appear on the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The thing to note is that efficient SEO requires extensive effort, time, and understanding, not what typical business owners possess.

Some entrepreneurs try to take matters into their own hands, which negatively impacts their online visibility, while others hire professional SEO services that charge a huge fee for their services. There are many technicalities attached to the SERP ranking. What may seem simple is actually quite tough. This is why diib was created by Daniel Urrman in 2012 to help business owners save time and money while working on acquiring a high rank on SERPs.

Diib is designed to help businesses improve their SEO capabilities. It works with Google Analytics to provide enterprises invaluable insights into their website’s performance. The company is based in Salt Lake City, and it addresses the complications that come with SEO.


There is no denying that SEO is complicated. However, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to ace. The whole point of SEO is to boost the ranking of a website on SERPs, but to do that, an individual has to have a thorough understanding of the metrics that help measure the effectiveness of an SEO campaign.

The software uses easy-to-understand language to make it simple for less experienced business owners to understand how their website is performing. The software uses a simple dashboard to display the website’s performance. The reports generated by this software are easy to read, which helps entrepreneurs understand SEO’s functionality.

diib was initially set up as a traditional digital marketing agency. Under the supervision of founder and CEO Daniel Urmann, the company built a SaaS platform to put big data analysis in an easy-to-use SaaS package, understandable by all types of businesses.

The company functions on a mission “to turn complex data into simple answers that help businesses grow.” It provides services that help companies acquire digital success in the competitive world. As of 2020, diib has helped more than 200,000 businesses strengthen their SEO strategies to achieve a high SERP ranking.

diib has five core components, including the diib Dashboard, diib Answer Engine™, diib website analytics, diib library, and diib Tracker. The users can gain insights into how their website is performing on the SERP by displaying details about SSL certification, mobile speed, domain authority, backlinks, Google My Business, social media, keywords, and sitemap on the dashboard. It also gives the daily health score that provides a real-time analysis of a website. The website health score is a percentage that displays how well a website is performing on the SERPs. Business owners will also get a chance to address all the factors that are negatively impacting the rank of a website on the SERP.

This SEO platform not only provides actionable analytics about a site’s performance on SERPs but also helps business owners learn ways to analyze their website, design an effective growth plan, and devise a road map to increase global ranking.

At present, this data platform syncs with Facebook, providing easy-to-understand Facebook insights, a feature known as social analytics. The simplicity of this report eliminates the complex tech-language that many business owners do not understand. The metrics that users can view include performance overview, post-performance, the best time to post, fan demographics, total reach, net likes, and much more.

Premium users of this SaaS-based platform receive emails every week that contain a snapshot of how well a website is performing in the digital world. In addition to these weekly emails, diib also alerts a website owner when a significant change in the website’s health is detected.

Businesses based in African, Asian, Australian, American, and European regions can benefit from this SaaS-based company. Regardless of its size, this SaaS platform works for all businesses. Without technical expertise regarding SEO, companies can work to achieve a top rank on SERPs, enhancing their digital visibility, building a prominent virtual footprint to boost sales and profitability.

Diib is a complete solution for all SEO problems that businesses have to deal with every day. The website owners who are new in the digital world can significantly benefit from this data platform. Through diib alone, business owners can effectively manage all metrics that power SEO, gauge a site’s performance, and identify growth opportunities. With this platform, many issues that businesses have to face can be eliminated entirely!