Do you remember when you first heard about Cybercurrency? Did it sound like something from another planet or from some movie about the future?  It is fair to say that the majority of people were at first very skeptical about what was, and still is in many ways, a very different form of money. For centuries people have understood coins and notes and accepted this as currency. But a currency you cannot hold in your hand or store in your wallet was difficult to get your head around.  The truth is when you look at things carefully money itself has changed as the coins and notes we use have made their way onto plastic cards or digital transactions done on internet banking or an app. Our real money has become electronic and that begs the question “is it all that different to cyber currency?”

The trading games

It is fair to say that most people have heard of currency traders. There are two stereotypes most people picture. The first is the corporate or governmental traders moving big sums of money from one currency to another in order to improve returns on portfolios of investment. The second is the home trader who is supposedly being taught how to trade currencies, often using the secrets of the big traders, to make money on a larger number so of small trades. Both the big traders and small traders spend hours watching for peaks and troughs between currencies. This same trading is now taking place between various cyber currencies and the same peaks and troughs that are being watched in normal forex trading are the same keys to success. To achieve success in both conventional forex trading and cryptocurrency trading people and companies are turning to technology and visit websites such as  to find the best technology to help them.

Releasing the value

It is hard to truly understand how a string of ones and zeros can actually have a value. After all, in the rawest form Cryptocurrencies are nothing but code. But code and technology have become extremely valuable in recent years, hackers have proven the point. Be honest, who would not like to have access to the code to produce Microsoft Office or even Google Android?  The Chinese have become masters at recreating and copying technology and code because they understand its value. Cryptocurrencies have become valuable because people have them and trade them and the value is now easier to extract because real things can be purchased using the currency. The value of the cryptocurrency becomes manifest as the value of and choice of what it can be used for becomes understood.  In many ways, it is not the technology or even the currency that truly holds the value but the purpose it can serve. This is the same for all technology, the code itself has no value to anyone but when given purpose the reward from this purpose equates to the feeling of it being worth something.