An efficient business does a good job of bringing in easy money. By automating repetition, you can prioritize tasks that are more difficult. With little effort, take the time to automate these 8 company tasks.

1. Sales

A payment button on your website can solve a lot of problems. This minor addition stands out so that customers don’t have to search the page. It seems minor but can be the difference between a completed or lost sale. Payment buttons are not intrusive to code and can be automated to appear on any sales-related page.

2. Networking Offers

Networking is a lot of legwork and casual greetings. In the process of a week, you can end up with a stack of business cards but a forgetful mind. Make this process easier by digitizing contact information with a CRM tool. Once it is in your database, you can link it to a calendar.

3. Inbound Leads

A lot of inbound leads come from direct contact. First impressions matter, so data should be collected before a live representative gets on the phone. Contact information (callback), reasons for calling (data), and offering to do a callback for a long queue should be the priority. Automate this with software so that the front portion of the live call isn’t wasted with information gathering.

4. Email Contact Requests

Consumers and clients that want to do business with you don’t like waiting around. The ‘contact us’ link should be optimized for speed. With the use of an online email form, you can add a prewritten request upon each completion. This small acknowledgment gives you a little extra time before the initial contact.

5. Free Content

Free content doesn’t always have to be physical. When you post information online, get into the habit of teasing the reader. There are several options available that help with auto-posting summaries that link to your full website.

6. Engagement

Reminder emails are underrated when it comes to sourcing leads. Sometimes a client or consumer isn’t ready to commit to a sale. Sending an automated reminder email is beneficial for both sides and encourages long-term relationships. If you forget to send this email, there is a risk of lost sales to competitors.

7. Phones

Phone tag is not something you want to hear about when conducting business. Automate your return phone calls with software. It will call the user and repeat a script of your choosing. The purpose of the call is to let them know that you are ‘on it’ and will respond asap.

8. Hiring

The hiring process is always going through small changes. But the biggest change has to do with the role of automation in recruiting. Resume screening is the easiest to implement from the start. This filters out any undesirable qualities in candidates and prevents you from wasting valuable hiring resources.

Automation Is the Future

Businesses should view automation as a good thing for their bottom line. With automation, workers gain the benefit of having time for more important tasks. In the end, consumers will get a company that can focus on making their products and services better.