The rapid growth of streaming services in the United Kingdom has altered TV viewing habits dramatically throughout recent decades.

The streaming dust has hardly settled on our screens and already the UK is taking up more of it. More than half of British households now subscribe to Netflix, with 60% signing up in just one year alone! And this number will keep growing as time goes by because who doesn’t want their home cinema experience without all that pesky hassle?

In 2018, over half (48%) Brits had signed up or were planning to do so for at least one month, with other methods such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video used by 5% more people than those who subscribe through traditional pay-TV providers like Sky Set-Top box.

The most popular reason for people who utilize these platforms is that they can watch their favorite program when it airs without having to timeshare exclusively, while also allowing access everywhere there is an internet connection.

Whether you’re looking for a computerized home theater system or an iPad, there are many options to consider. WiFi hotspots can be found in several locations nowadays, including at restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels.

In the UK, Netflix and Amazon Prime have become the main streaming services for many people.

Amazon Prime introduced in-home video to watch premium content, while also providing benefits through the Amazon Prime online retailer membership plans such as free shipping on certain items or access to preorders of new releases before they come out!

There’s no denying it, the world is going Golden Globe. A recent study found that Netflix has over 214 million subscribers while Amazon reported 200+ million Prime memberships and an economy of $126 billion in value creation due to their time saved by customers using this service!

Two Luminous Stars Of Video Streaming Industry

The competition for on-demand streaming video services is getting fierce. Netflix has long been the most popular, but Amazon Prime Video competing with them can be compelling because many people have an existing relationship with Amazon and like how easy it seems to order stuff online there without even leaving your couch!

It’s Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video! The two streaming giants are finally ready to battle it out for your entertainment dollars and there’s no better time than right now because we can compare their features against one another.

By having their comparative analysis in the UK, you will have an idea, what exactly awaits in store if either service is selected as the winner of this fight between good prices, excellent content selection, or even fun extra perks like lending libraries (cheap rentals). So scorecard at hand? Let me show y’all how everything goes down.

Amazon Prime Video VS Netflix: Subscription And Pricing Plans:

Pricing Comparison Chart:


Amazon Prime


Prime Membership +  Amazon Prime Video Netflix Basic

(Standard Definition)

Netflix Standard

(High Definition)

Netflix Premium

(Ultra High


Monthly Price £5.99 £7.99/month



£5.99 £9.99 £13.99
Free Trial Period One Month One Month One Month One Month One Month


15 Mbps 15 Mbps 3 Mbps 5 Mbps 25 Mbps

Devices To Stream

Two Two One Two Four



Available Available Available Available Available


Although Price wise Amazon looks better on paper, Netflix has an app experience and original content that give them the edge.

Amazon Prime Video VS Netflix: Software Experience:

Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video has been making some changes to its format and approach. The reformatted storefront feels like an old friend with all of its features laid out before you – it makes paying for this extra content much comfortable than it was before!

Different apps have different features that are worth taking into consideration when searching for streaming content. Amazon’s custom subtitle options make it easy to access the information you need- but not it’s always available on every title that you want to steam, especially in the UK.

The recent updates on both the streaming sites i.e; Amazon Prime Video and Netflix make the users feel relaxed that now they can remove things they’ve watched for organizers like themselves more space available when scanning through titles at home later down the line.


Netflix indeed has a few problems, but what they lack in features they make up for with quality. Their algorithmically generated recommendations aren’t perfect and can sometimes lead people into watching something not their style or interests–but this just goes to show how thoughtful the whole experience is overall!

Netflix has always been the king of streaming. They have great original content, so you know your money will go towards something special when it comes to watching TV on their app or website!

It’s easy-to-use and navigates which makes browsing through all those amazing shows easier than ever before – plus there are no ads anywhere within either service making life just that much more delicious.

Netflix is a great app to use if you want something that feels like it’s shut out all the noise in your life. When browsing through shows and movies on their homepage, they’ll show trailers for upcoming content without Autoplay enabled.

Users can peacefully browse while still getting notifications when something new comes available or even emails about what has been recommended by others who have already watched these items!

Netflix seems more consistent with respect toward offering the subtitles after all it is only based on a glance through many types-of films/TV Shows available on this platform.

Amazon Prime Video VS Netflix: Broadcasted Content

The value of both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix depends on where you live. In the UK, for example, these two streaming services are excellent when it comes to older movies but perhaps have an advantage over each other in terms of new original movie releases every week.

Even if these movies are mixed bags as ever! The same handfuls popular ’80s-, 90’s-and00′ s films tend to switch between them depending who has possession at any given time here across Europe however; with Sky typically getting hold onto more modern Hollywood fare while British residents get stuck watching quaint old favorites movies.

Amazon Prime Video:

In the streaming world, it’s Amazon Prime Video that reigns supreme. With many original shows and plenty of licensed movies to stream on-demand. Netflix has a tough time keeping up with its output in terms of new content.

That being said; when they release big films like War For The Planet Of The Apes or Solo: A Star Wars Story (to name just two recent examples), not only do we have access but these are also streamed at very competitive prices too making them much easier than ever before


Netflix is a one-stop-shop for all your entertainment needs. Netflix is winning when it comes to Quality and Quantity.

They have TV shows, movies, and documentaries to keep you entertained every day of the week! The frequency at which they release these new releases means something is waiting just around that corner.

Wrapping Up!

Amazon Prime Video also has an Amazon Prime Membership, but if you compare them only on their streaming features, Netflix clearly offers better original content and a more user-friendly interface.

Netflix has been on a roll recently, with their investment in content paying off. However, Amazon Prime Video does not appear prepared to let them have a second place and may soon be coming for Netflix’s crown!