Buying a car is a matter of great pride. You look into various specifications and then buy the one that satisfies you the most. However, purchasing the right car is just half the job done. You also need to make sure that your car is secure enough for your loved ones to travel in it.

Given the current scenario, when many cars are chauffeur driven, security concerns of many car owners further increase. Whether it’s about the misuse of your vehicle or the security of your loved ones when traveling alone or with a chauffeur, it is essential to take the necessary precautions beforehand.

To resolve such security concerns of car owners, some companies have come up with their vehicle tracker to ensure security. Such devices provide live tracking and video streaming features that can help you keep an eye on your car and ensure your loved one’s safety.

Considering the growing need for car security devices, KENT CamEye is here to save the day. Their device has been designed and engineered in India to meet various needs of Indian roads. It has many features that ensure the safety of not only your loved ones but also your vehicle. Here are some of the features and how they help you.

Inside Out Security Ensured

The KENT CamEye is a high tech security device that has a dual-camera in it. This camera will give you a view of both what’s happening inside and outside the vehicle, whether your car is parked or moving. Further, a face recognition feature accompanies the dual camera, which identifies if there is a driver other than the one in the list of familiar faces. In case there is, then the device will send alerts to the user’s mobile. The IoT device is fitted with a 4G sim, which also allows for live streaming of the video.

Real-Time Alerts

When your loved ones are in danger or your car is being misused, you would want to receive immediate information about the same. Considering this concern of car owners, KENT CamEye offers the benefit of getting real-time alerts under different situations to keep you informed about all crucial things. You will get alerts when the driver is over speeding, or when the AC is on while the car is parked. There are also in-car alarms that can alert the driver when the vehicle crosses the set parameters.
Moreover, if the driver tries to reboot, plug off or mishandle the device, the device shall alert you of the same. All these intelligent alerts will keep you updated about your vehicle.

GPS Tracking with Route Playback

The KENT CamEye is not just a vehicle tracker with GPS but also allows you to trace your vehicle through route playback. This feature can enable you to get access to other details related to the route taken and conditions faced by the car along the way.
Other vehicle trackers usually only track the location of the vehicle but do not provide comprehensive information about the different aspects. However, by using KENT CamEye, you will be able to get wholesome security for your family.

Ensure Maximum Security with KENT CamEye

When buying a security device for your car, you must choose something that offers more than just tracking. KENT understands the security needs of car owners well and therefore provides 360-degree protection against various security concerns. The CamEye comes with an 8GB memory card, which helps in storing videos that have a backup of 90 days on the cloud. Moreover, the 3000 mAh battery will keep the device running for about 24 hours, meaning it can work for long without the need for frequent charging. You can buy this vehicle tracker from KENT on Amazon, along with booking a demo, in which a company representative will visit you to explain all the product features in detail.

So, buy the right security device for your vehicle to make it secure enough for your family, against all the possible concerns.