Maintenance technicians must have a suitable skill set or learn to turn into one for maintenance technicians. This position requires expertise when dealing with equipment, water systems, and mechanical equipment.

Maintenance technician skills are essential to industrial plants’ efficient and safe operation. To be a successful technician, you need to work with your hands, have a strong mechanical aptitude, and read and interpret schematics.

In order to maintain equipment and keep production running smoothly, technicians must be able to troubleshoot problems. Often, technicians need to diagnose the cause of a problem before knowing how to fix it, so critical thinking skills are essential.Apart from these competent skills, it is advisable to learn about enterprise management.

What is Enterprise Management?

It is a technology that manages enterprise resources, information, and human power to achieve the goals of an organization.

There are three types of technicians who are mainly responsible for maintaining the facility:

  • Maintenance technician

They are responsible for repairing and maintaining equipment promptly. They work with machines daily and must understand how they work.

  • HVAC technician

They are responsible for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in a building. They must know how these systems work and fix them when something goes wrong.

  • Electrician

They are responsible for the electrical systems in a building. They must know how to install, repair, and maintain them and understand the risk of working on electrical systems.

It is important to note that there are times where some of these technicians may be responsible for more than one system. For example, some maintenance technicians might also work on the heating and air conditioning systems depending on the needs of the business.

The top 7seven Typical Facilities Management Structure are mentioned below:

  1. Customer Service Skills

It is one of the most important aspects of any maintenance technician’s role description because they would deal with various customers from within the business and outside.

In addition to being professional, they must work with all types of people regardless of their personality type. To do this, one would need excellent communication skills and active listening.

  1. Flexibility

Since any maintenance technician would go through several different types of equipment in the day, they must have good skills to work with them all.

For example, there are times where a technician might be working on one machine and then need to change their actions because something happens with another machine quickly.

  1. Good Understanding of Tools

It is imperative to use some tools daily to perform their job successfully.

Tools used for maintenance technicians may vary based on the tasks involved, but understanding what type of tool is needed and where it can be found is crucial.

  1. Physical Stamina

A maintenance technician’s work is often very physical, and they are constantly on their feet, lifting heavy objects and bending over to fix machines. To be successful in this position, one must have good overall physical health as it would be difficult to complete the job duties otherwise.

  1. Knowledge of Basic Maintenance

To fix machines, one must understand how they work and what tasks are to maintain them. For example, one would need to know how to change the oil in an engine if their machine required it.

  1. Problem Solving Abilities

It is another critical skill as they constantly deal with machines that are not working correctly.

A technician must understand the problem and develop a solution as quickly as possible. It could involve taking apart the machine, ordering replacement parts, or even working with other team members to fix the issue.

  1. Technical Ability

To work with machines, one must have the ability to understand their technical workings. It means they would need to read blueprints or manuals to identify problems.

Bottom Line

As one can see, there are many different skills that a maintenance technician would need to possess to be successful at their job. By having good customer service and problem-solving skills and being familiar with tools and machines, they will have a leg up to find employment and deliver their services.