Most Australian businesses rely on the internet to make power moves. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, even brick-and-mortar stores with a solid customer base have had to adapt their business model to work online.

However, a digital-centric business needs an amazing internet service provider (ISP). Otherwise, they could fall victim to data losses, slow internet, technological lag and a host of other problems that can severely impact a day’s business operations.

So, if you have been thinking about making the switch to a better Melbourne internet provider, here are some reasons why it might be time to make the definite decision…

  • You’re sharing bandwidth with too many other people

Many people working from home these days are using an internet connection that’s intended for personal use. Whilst they may be fine for personal use, they are typically being shared with other people and will therefore slow them down throughout a day’s business operations.

You can find awesome, specialised business ISPs that provide high-speed internet at the times when you need it most: when you’re updating your site, when you’re fulfilling orders, taking part in important meetings etc.

  • Your current ISP is falling behind on tech

There are popular Australian internet connections that are falling behind the times: the 4G network and ADSL are just a couple worth mentioning. What’s more, the new National Broadband Network (NBN) is slower than 5G (something that is making big waves in Australia for its ultra-fast speeds and reliability).

There is no denying it: your business needs fast, reliable internet to thrive. You don’t want to be suffering through meetings with a bad connection or losing sales because your connection can’t handle your business operations – if faulty, slow connectivity is a problem for you then it’s time to move on!

  • Your ISP is unreliable

Nothing is worse than an internet company who doesn’t care about its clients. Think about it this way: the internet is a tricky, complex technology that requires people in-the-know who can assist customers with their queries.

If the thought of calling your ISP to report a problem or request an upgrade gives you the ominous feeling of a wasted day on hold then it’s time to consider if the ISP really cares about you and your business’s needs.

  • It’s taking too long to sort out problems

Following on from the above – if it takes far too long for your ISP and its staff to troubleshoot your issue – you’ve got a real problem. You need your internet for so many aspects of business (most, in fact!). From fulfilling sales to ordering in products, contacting vendors and joining meetings, you rely on quality internet to get things done and grow your business.

If your ISP is taking days to fix a problem with, say, your local tower, then perhaps it’s time to ask the question: is this ISP falling behind the times?

  • The price no longer reflects the service

Many internet services have become obsolete, but ISPs still charge a hefty price tag for them. You need to ask yourself one question: am I still getting the right value for this ISP despite the price?

If you do a little research you will find plenty of Australian ISPs that are offering brand new, high-speed products, like that of 5G, for amazing prices. You don’t have to be stuck in the past with an ISP that charges far too much for a slow connection – you’re just wasting money that could be spent on other aspects of the business!