As the years go on, there are more and more weird and wonderful tech gadgets coming onto the market. These gadgets can help us in our day to day lives as well as providing ample amounts of entertainment. In 2020, there are vast amounts of amazing tech gadgets just waiting to be discovered and in this article, we are going to be showing you the top 5 that you simply have to get your hands on.

As we all know, tech doesn’t come cheap and so it is important that we are able to fund new purchases. Often times, people require a cash boost to help them in buying the latest tech and if this sounds like you, then why not consider taking a look at NowLoan? This handy website allows users to browse a huge selection of loans and financial products, giving them the best chance at finding the right one for them. Now let's take a look at 5 must-have tech gadgets for 2020.

1.The Smart Bulb

Tech is gradually creeping into every area of the home and it wasn't that long ago that the idea of commanding your lights on seemed nothing short of futuristic. However, in 2020 this is something that is widely available and can be easily linked up to your smart home system such as Alexa. There is a wide range of benefits to using the smart bulb and they can be used all over the home for maximum effect.

Smart bulbs do not use as much energy and so will save you on your energy bills. They have a much longer life than a regular bulb, with some lasting as long as 50 thousand hours! They are excellent for security. You are able to remotely turn on your lights when away from home, giving the impression that someone is in the house and therefore deterring intruders. There are a whole host of fun settings and colours-all from one single bulb.

2.The Latest Fitbit Alta

Fitbit has been around for some time now and over the years these smart health assistants have changed the way a lot of people live. Giving you the opportunity to monitor various areas of your health such as steps taken, heart rate and sleep, you are able to make small lifestyle changes that will benefit your health no end.

The newest model in the hugely popular Fitbit range is the Alta HR which is in very high
demand. Let us take a look at some of the features that can be seen in this tech trend for 2020.

The product features an OLED touch screen. It is fully protected from rain, sweat and water splashes. This highly technological gadget takes just two hours to charge yet delivers 7 days of battery life. Bluetooth 4.0 is a standard. Vibration feedback.

3.Ember Smart Mug

How often have you made a cup of tea or coffee only to leave it on the table, forget all about it and only return to it once it has gone cold? That problem could be eliminated in 2020 with this amazing little temperature control mug from Ember.

This is the ideal gift for the tech lover who has everything and can be used in conjunction with a handy app. The app allows you to control the temperature of your drink, keeping it warm and refreshing for as long as it takes you to remember that you made it. But what other features can we expect with the mug of the future?

A choice of two colours.Easy to control via the app. Charge the cup and have 90 minutes of battery life or use the included charging coaster to keep your mug full of juice all day. The mug will enter sleep mode after periods of inactivity but will reawaken when it is moved. Completely safe to be hand washed.

4.The Wireless Phone Charger

With technology being more and more convenient, it was only a matter of time until wireless charging would become the norm. And whilst most phone manufacturers aren't yet including this type of charging as standard, it is widely available for a good amount of handsets. If you want to get ahead of the times in 2020, then there are a multitude of wireless chargers on the market. It is, of course, a wise idea to buy from a reputable manufacturer. Let's take a look at some of the advantages of charging your smartphone wirelessly.

Wireless charging is much safer than using a wire. This is much quicker and more simple than using wires. Using wireless charging prevents damage to the charging port of your phone. Many public places are installing wireless chargers for convenience when out and about.

5.Pix Digital Backpack

If you love tech and want something totally innovative and unique then the Pix digital backpack may just sate your desires. This futuristic backpack allows the user to create any design on the built-in screen and is a fun toy for kids of all ages. What might you expect for your money when purchasing this backpack? Let us find out.

The backpack can be used with any powerbank and will last up to six hours from a single charge.

The hugely powerful LED screen gives you the ability to create a design with over 16 million colour combinations! The backpack is waterproof. You control the backpack through the use of an efficient smartphone app.


It is obvious that 2020 is going to be a great year for tech gadgets and the ones we have discussed here are certainly on the wish lists of any tech geek. That being said, it is always important to ensure that you are able to comfortably afford your gadgets, getting into a sticky situation with your finances simply isn’t worth it. But if you simply have to have the latest gadgets, the best option might be to look at a loan and comparing these on a website like Now- loan can ensure that you get a good value, suitable loan that will fit in with your personal needs.