Technology moves so fast these days, and with the tides changing all the time within the workplace with upgrades being implemented to IT systems, you’ll want to stay up to date with all of these major changes.

These will affect all different businesses, and IT service is one that should brace for the changes as well. So, here are five IT service trends that you should watch out for this coming year.

5 IT Trends To Know About

1.Perceptions of AI Will Change

Though AI is not as widespread as we might have thought it would be at this time, there are some practical uses that will be making its way into our lives. With IT playing a close role is how this technology can be harnessed, we can expect this will become more normalized.

2. Focus on Employee’s Experiences

You know the term user experience well, but in the coming years, this shift of focus will move to the employee’s experience. IT service management needs to have workers that feel productive and useful, and engaging them as much as possible will add to their contentment in the workplace.

3. Switch to Enterprise Service Managements

With more departments in the workplace using IT systems for their day to day activities, it can be tough to know who to contact when you have a question or concern. Well, instead of having to call around to get your question answered, you will be able to call an IT service desk that will forward your concern to where it needs to be.

For large organizations that have a system that is similar already, this makes the implementation of this type of system all the easier. So, making the scale-up will be easier and smoother.

4. ITIL Will Grow

With so many businesses and departments now using IT services to get their work done, the need for ITIL implementation is becoming even more necessary. Business needs arise quickly, and having an IT system that will be able to keep up with business demands is needed.

Having this usable framework for your business will help increase your service abilities and allow you to keep up with changes at a fast pace. ITIL practices will grow as we see more and more companies adopting these practices themselves.

5. People are More Important Than Ever

As technology upgrades make way for more automated systems, there are some companies that are guilty of falling behind on dealing with employees and ensuring that they are working as a team to reach the same business goals.

This is a failure on their part, as people are more important in the IT service than ever before. You need a team of people to ensure that your help desk runs smoothly, and without them, you have nothing. So, ensuring that your team members are properly trained and work as a team in all aspects will keep you at the top of your game and enhance your services skills.


Whether you are a business owner that wants to keep up on the latest IT trends or you are just curious about how the IT service trends are changing, you have the five biggest IT service trends to watch out for.