Are you typical for your generation? Unfortunately, the gadgets you depend on might be giving you away.

The Millennial generation is often left out at the moment. All the arguments now seem to be between Gen Z and Boomers. So to end this madness, we thought it time to review some of the gadgets that the switchover generation can’t live without.

That’s right: Millennials were the first children to be raised in households with computers. Older Millennials are passing forty nowadays, and they are doing it as people who remember a time when websites didn’t exist.

With that in mind, this list should be interesting.

The 5 Gadgets Every Millennial Owns

Not only do you own them, but if you are a true millennial, you can’t live without them, either.

1 – The Smartphone

Yes, yes, we know it’s obvious. Over 2.7 billion of us rely on our Smartphones day-to-day. What makes Millennials different? They still have their original phone. If they don’t have a Nokia 3310 around their house somewhere, they might be impostors. If it’s not an old Nokia, then it’s a Samsung, Motorola, or some other type of old-school phone that might not even exist anymore.

Why do you have it? In case your state-of-the-art new phone gets lost, damaged, or broken, of course. Insurance? Nah. Give us old telephones.

2 – Their Toys

The average Millennial has more gadget-based toys than anyone else except Gen Z. Toys include every kind of gaming console, those tiny robots that talk back, and robot puppies that we couldn’t bear to throw away. Millennials also love all things Star Wars, particularly if it has Yoda on it. You can count on them to have a money box that features a tiny animal’s paw stealing the coin and at least one offline game.

3 – Their ‘Other Toys

Ahem. We’re not judging, but we can point you to Bedbible for reviews and the best advice around. Gadgets are a specialty of theirs, so we hear.

4 – Wireless Anything

Not wireless, anything in particular. Millennials come from the generation where it was either battery operated or it came with a cable. The idea of connecting to the internet without an ethernet cable is beyond them. Now that they know how to do it, wireless anything has become their top priority in life. 78% of them own home internet just to make this dream a reality.

Millennials want lights that you can switch on and off with a clap. They want cars that unlock at the touch of a button. They want remote controls and imaginary wires and things that ‘just connect.’ The simplicity of technology is a crucial trait here. The generation between boomers and Gen Z want tech they don’t need to study to figure out.

5 – Devices

We use the term devices to cover everything from your tablet to your laptop to your smart gadgets in your car. Millennials are renowned as being the generation who can (and will) apply tech to everything. Don’t believe us? They have even designed devices to make their avocado experience easier.

Millennials: Changing the World since! 980.

And long may it continue.