Yes, you read that right! The best price for anything is the tag attached to these free applications. All PC gamers will benefit from installing any of these apps. If you’re tired of having to deal with an inconvenient process for launching your games, monitoring your temps or using your PC overall, there’s an app on this list to help you out!

Now your tower or brand-new laptop won’t really feel out of place. PC gaming is not a difficult hobby once you’ve figured out the little nuances and unique differences from console. PC is like the Android to Console’s iOS thanks to the freedom in PC gaming. As you get the hang of these pieces of software, you can start to make your gaming experience easier with a marketplace like Eldorado. Eldorado offers great prices for in game currency in various games like OSRS Gold, BDO Silver, and Rocket League Credits.

1. Steam

All right, this is an easy sale. When you designed or purchased a genius new PC for the sole purpose of gaming, there is one piece of software without which you truly can not live: good ol’ Steam. Over at The Tech Portal, we enjoy it and we’re pretty sure you’ll have a lot of respect for it too.

Steam offers the sort of stable, technical environment that is usually associated with closed – box consoles to PC owners. You can scan for free – to – play apps, cheap indies, or full-blown triple – A titles and start them straight from the app. There’s also space for awards from your couch, and Big Picture mode for gamers.

2. CPU-Z

CPU – Z is about fine-tuning your favorite PC gaming computer into a long-lasting machine. Its definitely not an enticing system, but its the kind of back end package that you really should try if you want to get your PC in the best possible shape (especially if you’re trying to get into the eSports community, or if you’re building a streaming career).

CPU – Z helps you to study, in a relatively simple way, all sorts of specific details about various areas of your PC. Its obviously not for the weak hearted, but if improving PC performance is your pocket, its probably worth spending some time with.

3. Malwarebytes

Owning a gaming PC will come with some tools to ensure that you run free. If you mistakenly unknowingly download a program or app, or pick up stuff from a store, its important to be sure that your PC is free from viruses. There are all kinds of various virus protection solutions out there and it can come down to choose or the one you are more confident with. Getting something like a free version of Malwarebytes might become very beneficial with our recommendations. You will search your PC with
this app to make sure there are no viruses, malware, ransomware or any other risks that can corrupt your PC to keep you from making the most out of your gaming Machine.

4. Epic Games Store

We have a few digital retailer platform applications listed on this page and most of you have certainly heard about Valve’s Steam. Its a perfect digital online marketplace offering a large variety of video game titles that has the luxury of being a piece of tech that has been around for years. As a result, it not only regularly uses the physical marketplace but also has a good positive image. That means they are facing an uphill struggle when there's some rivalry that shows up in order to compete against Valve’s Steam storefront. That’s before Epic Games launched the redesigned website simply known as the Epic Games Shop.

There are a couple of reasons this storefront could really stand up to Steam. For example, it gathers a lot of users simply by delivering free titles of video games every month.

Gamers get exposure to titles like Subnautica, Super Meat Boy, Axiom Verge, and Thimbleweed Park for example. Valve is now starting to acquire a range of exclusive PCs due to the greater sales margins creators as well as retailers earning from the Epic Games Store, resulting in Steam missing out on select games. Although there are still some places that should be updated to Epic Games Store, at least to enjoy any of those free monthly video game games is worth purchasing from the marketplace.

5. MSI Afterburner

Once it comes to Computer games, people who choose to build and design their own Computer will continue to tinker a little more with it. When new games launch, the temptation to see how you can get a few more frames by changing the settings will be there.

When you see through the in-game settings then with a multitude of choices and resources you can really open up. MSI Afterburner is one of those devices which is widely regarded. This is a program that specializes in various graphics cards. With the GPU being one of the key elements in a gaming PC it’s easily one of the first components to look at when increasing the overall frames-per-second along with stability.

Gamers should have power over the Graphics Card with MSI Afterburner. You will be able to overclock it and drive the device to its limits while still using a large control network to see how far the GPU will go in a secure manner. There are also options on your mobile to run a control program with the ability to make changes without having to leave from a game.

To anyone wishing to use a custom gaming PC to tinker a little more than this is a system worth investigating. Gaming can seem overwhelming to understand, and a lot of these apps are quite intimidating at first, but there are many resources available to make your gaming exploits as fun as possible. If you want, you can check out for great prices. The marketplace is a lifehack for awesome prices on in game currencies.