When it comes to fintech, comparing companies is tricky because there are so many different types of industries and niches. On this list, you’ll find four very different fintech companies but have success in common.

What are fintechs?

Financial technology companies, often abbreviated to fintechs, are companies trying to replace or enhance the usage of financial services. Such services are usually offered by existing financial companies, such as banks.

A subset of fintechs are companies that focus on the insurance industry. These are collectively known as insurtech og insuretech companies.

Read on to learn more about a few successful fintech companies and how they make their customers’ lives easier using modern technology.


Revolut is a digital bank claiming to be building the world’s first truly global financial super app to help people get more from their money.

The bank first launched in the UK in 2015. They are a fully digital bank that offers credit card, currency, cryptocurrency, and peer-to-peer lending services through a mobile application.

The bank intends to remove hidden fees for transactions and make banking services more accessible. The target group is everyone who uses and needs banking services.

Revolut is present in more than 120 countries, with ambitions for global coverage. Several internationally renowned investors have invested in the fintech company.


Klarna offers easy and flexible payment solutions for online shopping. The Swedish company has the ambition to end unsafe online shopping, and today they are one of Europe’s largest banks.

Klarna offers a fully digital payment service for the online retail industry. The goal is to achieve simple and comprehensive payment solutions, giving the buyer the option of paying whenever and however it suits them.

Klarna handles the entire payment journey, releasing the seller from dealing with payment solutions or collecting payment. Their target group is individuals, companies, and organisations that buy and sell services and goods.

Axo Finans

Axo Finans is a Nordic fintech company offering financial services to private consumers.

The financial company uses modern technology to send one loan application to several banks simultaneously. Their services are fully digital, giving applicants the option to fill in and sign applications online with a few easy steps.

The goal is to find the cheapest loans with the best terms in each client case. Axo Finans’ target group is anyone applying for a small or medium loan.


Oscar is a company that uses financial technology to make healthcare more manageable and accessible for people. Using an intuitive app, Oscar has gathered different health services like insurance or doctors, offering patients the option to check their health online.

Oscar is the first health insurance company built around a full-stack technology platform. The company was founded in 2012, and its target group is Americans seeking health care and health coverage.

Their goal is to make U.S. healthcare easier to navigate and help their members live healthier lives. Today, Oscar has more than 1 million members across the states.