Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has just concluded, and as anticipated, Apple has officially unveiled iOS 18, the next iteration of its mobile operating system for iPhones.

Lets dive in straight away into the upgrades.

The Messages app will benefit from AI-powered suggestions, offering contextually relevant responses and even auto-completing sentences as you type. Apart from this, Messages will now get new Tapback emojis and sticker, a scheduling feature to send messages later, as well as new text effects and styles, including animated effects, or simple bold and underline additions. Furthermore, users can finally break free from the rigid grid layout and freely place app icons and widgets anywhere on the Home Screen. This newfound flexibility empowers users to design personalized and visually appealing layouts that reflect their individual preferences. Furthermore, iOS 18 introduces system-wide app icon color customization, allowing users to create a cohesive visual theme across their entire device. Dark mode enthusiasts will likely rejoice at the possibility of extending it to the Home Screen as well.

Perhaps the most anticipated update for those who frequently communicate between iOS and Android devices is the inclusion of RCS messaging support. This will finally allow for iMessage-like features such as read receipts, typing indicators, and high-quality media sharing in cross-platform conversations. The company is also bringing the ability to lock apps, so that others will be unable to see or access information without the proper authentication.

The Mail app will categorize the messages to help users organize better. In similar news, users will be able to send iMessage and SMS messages via satellite, as well as support for RCS messaging and the integration of Reminders in Calendars. Apple Intelligence – Apple’s centerpiece for its foray into the AI landscape – will be made available to iOS 18 as well.

The update brings many of the AI-powered features to iPads as well, provided the device is equipped with an M1 chip or later. A dedicated Passwords app will be a welcome addition for users across Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) and even Windows machines. This app will streamline secure password generation, storage, and autofill, enhancing overall device security. Apart from this, the update brings a redesigned Control Center, which is now customizable and a multiscreen feature. Apple notes that developers will be able to add controls for their apps, resize Control Center widgets, while the camera and flashlight controls on the home screen can be swapped out for different controls. There is also the redesign of the Photos app, where users can now get single view, with a photo grid at the top of the screen. The new Recent Days feature organizes your photo by day, and a new Trips section and a Pinned Collections area are included as well.