Netflix is testing a new TV app design, considered to be its biggest revamp in nearly a decade. Despite popularity of smartphones and other compact devices, TV apps remain popular as smart TVs make way inside homes, replacing cable television. Netflix has always had pretty much the best user experience on TV, and it is now looking to upgrade that further, reports Reuters.

The idea behind this redesign is obvious — increase the time users spend on its app and give them more browsing options to achieve the same. According to a survey that the platform undertook, it found users to be performing what Netflix executive Pat Flemming called “eye gymnastics”, or looking around to various parts of the Netflix home screen, when trying to find a title that interested them.

Viewers’ eyes were darting around from “the row name to today’s top picks, to the box art, to the video, back to the synopsis,” Flemming, senior director of member product, told Reuters in an interview. “We really wanted to make that simpler, more intuitive, everything easier to navigate.”

Some of the major revamps on the homepage would include larger title fonts, more browsing options and new lists on the homepage itself, such as “spent 8 weeks in the top 10”, among others.

A subset of Netflix’s nearly 270 million users around the globe will see the new format starting Thursday. The company will take feedback, and possibly make changes, before unveiling it more widely.