Apple is reportedly preparing to release a new version of its 24-inch iMac, with the M3 chip and the same exterior design, as early as the second half of 2023. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman writes that the Cupertino tech giant can release new models of iMacs as early as the second half of this year.

Codenamed J433 and J434, the next-gen iMacs are currently at an “advanced stage” of engineering validation testing. Gurman added that Apple is conducting production tests of the desktop at present. These upcoming devices include the new 24-inch iMac, a 15-inch variant of the MacBook Air with the codename J515 (which is been long in the making), an upgraded 13-inch MacBook Air with the codename J513, and the Apple Silicon-based Mac Pro with the codename J180.

Internally, the next-gen iMacs are said to be based on the next-generation Apple Silicon and are slated to be more powerful than the outgoing model. Gurman, in the newsletter, adds that the volume production of the 2023 iMac will not start for at least another three months. Apple has not yet confirmed the release dates for the upcoming products.

Speaking more about the 2023 iMac, it will reportedly feature the same 24-inch display size as the previous model, and is expected to come in multiple color options—blue, silver, pink, and orange. What makes it stand out from the current model is that it is expected to come with a more powerful M3 chip. An SoC that is expected to offer significant performance and power efficiency improvements to the next-gen iMacs, the M3 chip is expected to be based on TSMC’s 3nm process. If the final product does roll out with the new M3 chip, then it will make the device an even more attractive option for those who need a powerful computer in a small form factor. The new 13-inch and the 15-inch MacBook Air might utilize the M3 processor as well, while the Mac Pro is said to sport the M2 Ultra processor, 76 graphics cores and at least 192 GB of memory.

The release of the new products is expected to boost Apple’s already strong position in the desktop computer market. With its powerful hardware, sleek design, and user-friendly software, the iMac has long been a popular choice for creative professionals, students, and anyone else in need of a powerful desktop computer. With the pandemic highlighting the necessity of owning powerful and modern computers for working and studying from home, the 24-inch iMac is expected to appeal to consumers and professionals alike.