Twitter Blue, which went through a phase of utter confusion during the early days of the Musk era, has now been expanded to more countries. According to a fresh report by TechCrunch, Twitter has decided to make its subscription service available to six new countries.

The new countries to get the subscription service are Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. This takes the total number of regions where Twitter Blue is available to be subscribed to by users to 12. At the time of its final relaunch, the service was available in a handful of countries, and as of last month, it was available in Japan, the US, the U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The expansion of Twitter Blue to more countries is hardly surprising, especially since Twitter is desperate to milk it for all its worth. With advertisers being wary of Musk’s actions and policies and leaving the micro-blogging site, the social media platform is in a hurry to find new ways of generating a steady stream of revenue.

During the last days of the previous year, Twitter relaunched Blue for web and iPhone and Android users alike. While verification on the web would cost users $8 per month (or $84 per year), users could subscribe to Twitter Blue and get the verified “Blue Tick” (and other features) for $11 per month on iOS and Android alike. The relaunch in December followed weeks of chaos on the platform due to the rapid growth of fake accounts on the platform, which prompted Twitter to suspend the subscription service.

With Twitter Blue expanding to more countries, a greater number of users will have the chance to subscribe to it and avail of the premium features that accompany the service. These features include, apart from the verified checkmark, the ability to edit tweets, longer video uploads, priority rankings in comments, and more.

To add to this, Twitter is bringing back Spaces – it’s “space” to host live audio conversations and a Clubhouse rival – in a new form. The TechCrunch report reveals that a new Spaces tab is coming to the micro-blogging site – one that will feature podcasts and curated stations for live and recorded spaces. While non-subscribers of Twitter Blue can currently access the Spaces tab, they will only be able to see what live audio sessions are currently going on. Only Blue subscribers and “some people on Twitter for iOS and Twitter for Android apps” will have access to podcasts. Themed stations, which list Spaces station by topics and which had been under testing in August 2022, will make a comeback to the platform as well.