With the popularity of the creator economy on the rise, social media giant Meta has been developing and rolling out features that will entice creators to come and stay on Facebook, its flagship social media platform, and Instagram, the popular photo-sharing social networking site. One of the more recent features that Meta is working on to attract and retain creators is Gifts – a new “tipping” feature for creators on Instagram to let them earn through Reels.

Now, Facebook is getting some love as well as new Pages features are coming to its platform. These features are made to help creators get discovered and connect with their followers on the social networking site. Meta announced these features in a thread on Twitter.

To begin with, Facebook is rolling out Creator Endorsements, a feature that will give creators the option to spotlight each other and even invite their followers to follow another creator that they like. If a creator endorses another, then the followers of the first creator will get a notification asking if they want to follow the recommended creator.

Next, Facebook brings to the table new templates for posts and Stories, which Meta says will let creators “easily show their appreciation” to their fans for their support. These templates will let creators “celebrate” their top fans and even give them a shout out on the platform.

The next feature to roll out for creators is Rising Creator Labels, which Meta says will make it easier for Facebook users to discover up-and-coming creators on the social networking site. The tweet showed that creators who earned a spot in the top 1% of rising creators in a given week will be notified, and they will be given a rising creator title. This title will show that their content has received strong audience engagement, and this title will be displayed on their Page and the feeds of other users.

Next, Meta is recognizing the support of top fans and subscribers, and rolling out a new post setting. This setting will make content that will be exclusively for the top fans and subscribers, and later on, settings that will allow early access to special content may roll out. To avail this new setting, creators should go to their Audience settings and select the “Top fans” option when sharing a new post.

Last but not the least, Facebook is bringing support for creators on iOS. This is a composer selector in their navigation bar to let creators quickly make a Story, Reel or go Live.