As a part of Google Chrome’s latest update rolled out on all platforms, called Chrome 103, the browser’s iOS version is recieving an additional set of updates, some of which have already been available on Android and Desktop versions. iOS devices will be getting features like enhanced safe browsing, UI updates, translation improvements and more.

Enhanced Safe Browsing

Enhanced safe browsing, a feature which warns users before visiting a webpage which could be hosting malware by accessing Google’s database and sending real-time data to Google safe browsing, is making it’s way to Chrome on iOS. This feature has been available on Android and Desktop for quite some time. Chrome also alerts users about potentially compromised creditials, so they can change any login details for websites. The feature is an optional one and can be enabled inside Chrome’s settings.

Improved Translation Features

Chrome 103 brings an updated language identification model, allowing the browser to recognise and translate websites in an unknown language more accurately by using on-device machine learning.

Chrome Actions

Chrome actions is a feature that allows users to access certain browser functions by typing in the search bar instead of trying to locate them in the browser’s settings. For example, typing anything along the lines of “clear history” in the search bar brings up the option to clear browsing data. This is another one of the features that has been available on Android and Desktop well before making it to iOS.

Google Password Manager

Another feature already available on other platforms, iOS users can now set Google Password Manager as their default autofill provider. This would allow users to autofill any saved passwords on Chrome on any other apps. Passwords can also be accessed from chrome settings, and require biometric clearance on Android.

Discover Feed and other UI updates

Chrome on iOS will be getting a google-like discover Feed, which will be recommending articles and other web pages. The startup page will also be focusing on Google search and frequently visited websites, in addition to recent tabs. The settings menu will be highlighting it’s most frequently used functions.

discover feed for iOS

Other Minor Updates

Chrome will be improving website loading times courtesy improved link Fetching, as well as “.avif” support for Web Share API. Users will not be able to manage site specific permissions like camera and microphone usage.

Read Google’s full release notes here.