When it comes to browsers, Google Chrome is the automatic choice for a large portion of users across the globe. And according to Atlas VPN, Chrome is comfortably perched at the top with nearly 3.4 billion users.

Another popular browser is Apple’s Safari, and ahead of the tech giant’s annual WWDC conference, the iPhone maker’s web browser reached a significant milestone. Its user base across the world has exceeded 1 billion. The exact number stands at 1, 006, 232, 879 (as of April 2022).

That’s right, the Safari browser today has more than one billion users across the globe. This includes users across all devices, desktop, mobile and others. This means that 19% of all internet users across countries and devices use the Safari browser, which recently got impressive privacy features (courtesy of Apple) and a new look at last year’s WWDC conference.

This growth in its user base can be attributed to a number of reasons. Being the default system browser for several Apple devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and Mac has enabled the browser to accumulate an enviable user base and become one of the two browsers to have breached the 1 billion mark. The milestone though is still remarkable, considering how Apple has now provided users to change their default browser to Chrome on iOS.

According to a blog post by Atlas VPN, the numbers are based on the GlobalStats browser market share percentage, which was converted into numbers using the Internet World Stats internet user metric.

The top position continues to be held by Google Chrome – it has over 3.3 billion users (3, 378, 967, 819 users to be precise) and a market share of nearly 63% as of February. However, this is a rather slow year-over-year growth, since it had over 3.2 billion users in May 2021. Nonetheless, its developer-friendly design and quick software support make it the ideal choice for a browser.

Remember Microsoft Edge, which has become the default browser for all Microsoft devices since Windows 11 came out? Well, the company’s decision saw a rapid rise in Edge’s user base, which saw it overtake Firefox to bag the third place. Edge has over 212 million users – 212, 695, 363 users to be precise.

It is followed by Firefox, which has 179 million – 179, 084, 244 – users. While it is a more private and secure browser than Chrome, the latter is faster and contains more features. The top five is completed with the Samsung Internet browser, which has a presence on its smartphones and tablets. It has over 149 million – 149, 674, 515 users, and is followed by the Opera browser (over 108 million users).