Bengaluru based Software-as-a-Servive (SaaS) startup Toplyne has raised $15Mn in series A round spearheaded by Tiger Global and Sequoia Capital India. Valuable contributions also came from the company’s existing investors Together Fund, Sequoia India’s Surge. Angel investments from Canva, Vercel & Zoominfo concluded the lineup.

Ruchin Kulkarni, Co-founder at Toplyne, said, “It’s an interesting time to be a monetization software. SaaS multiples are at all-time lows. Funding markets are drying up. ARR is back in vogue. PLG SaaS companies need their free users to convert to paid plans. And they need it to happen yesterday. Toplyne fills this gap by enabling businesses to monetize their product-led growth.”

Toplyne is a Product-Led growth SaaS enterprise founded by Rishen Kapoor, Ruchin Kulkarni and Rohit Khanna. The platform analyzes complex patterns in large volumes of product-usage data to identify users and accounts who have the highest intent to convert to paid subscriptions, and enables growth teams to rapidly experiment with and deploy various go-to-market (GTM) motions at scale – be it driving self-serve conversions through in-product nudges (chatbots, paywalls, promos) or sales-assisted conversions through high-velocity inside-sales teams.

Revenue teams are empowered to focus their efforts on users and accounts who show real intent, rather than chasing leads that will never convert. Essentially, Toplyne function as the brains behind highly efficient targeted advertisement algorithms, allowing fellow SaaS companies to reach a customer pool with highest potential.

Toplyne currently has an impressive clientele which includes names like Canva, Grafana, Gather.Town, InVideo and BrowserStack. With the freshly obtained capital, They will look to increase pace on delivering a product map and strengthening their lineup of data science, engineering and design teams. The company is working on a self serve PLG platform to tap into another 1000+ potential companies looking for monetization solutions.