Credits: Wikimedia Commons

WhatsApp is no stranger to supporting multiple devices.

You may remember that it had launched its Linked Devices feature as a public beta in November 2021. Several months later, in March, the company rolled out its Multi-Device support out of beta to let users access WhatsApp from the same account on five different devices in total, including their primary phone. Now, they are taking things one step further.

So far, you have been able to use WhatsApp not only on your smartphone but also on your desktop or your laptop, thanks to WhatsApp Web. However, the option of using the same WhatsApp account on multiple phones, or a phone and a tablet, has continued to elude WhatsApp users. But no more, and now, Android tablets and smartphones have entered the chat to take the spot of the secondary device.

The Meta-owned messaging service seems to be working on a feature, which will let you add another phone as a secondary device – a “companion” device. This can be done by registering the said device through a QR code scan with your main phone and putting the new phone on the companion device list. The feature is available under the section “Register Device as Companion.”

The information comes in via a report by WABetaInfo, which noticed the same on WhatsApp’s beta update (version

Once you have opened WhatsApp on your phone, you need to go to Linked Devices, which is under the Menu or Settings options. Then, scan the QR code, and your WhatsApp account will get linked to the secondary device, following which you will be able to use WhatsApp on the second device. This device may be another smartphone or an Android tablet.

Do not get too excited about using this feature, though, since we do not know when this feature will be rolling out to all and it is still under development.