Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Twitter, in an attempt to find alternate revenue sources and reduce the pressure and scrutiny that comes with ad tracking, has been looking to expand a feature called ‘Ticketed Spaces’. This feature basically takes the Clubhouse like ‘Spaces’ and adds a ticket to it, allowing content creators to put a price tag on a Spaces session. While Ticketed Spaces have been reserved for iOS users up until now, the company has announced that it will be coming to Android users in U.S.

The company says that Android users across the nation will be getting the option to buy tickets for premium spaces.

The eligibility for hosts to charge for tickets remains the same – having over 1,000 followers and hosting at least 3 Spaces in the last 30 days.

This will allow content creators to use their Twitter following to make money. Users can put up a ticket price for workshops, conversations, or meet-and-greets. Moreover, the Clubhouse like offering has already become pretty popular in the micro blogging platform and thus, there’s a good chance that Ticketed Spaces will receive the same reaction.

For helping creators host these events, Twitter aims to charge a 3% fee on the ticket price.

It should also be noted that while various platforms have come up with the audio conversation format that was first popularized by Clubhouse, none has come up with the idea of directly monetizing it. Thus, Twitter might be the first platform to adapt and refine this very popular content type, and help creators extract actual dollars from it.