Game lovers have something big to rejoice about, especially if they are loyal to Google and its Android. The tech giant has just announced that its new Android 12, which is set to be rolled out pretty soon, will come with a brand new feature, which will allow users to start playing games even as they download them. This must sound like music to the ears of anyone planning to download a particularly large game, like, say, Battleground Mobile India, since it would mean that users will have to wait less in order to enjoy a game.

The firm has also shared GIF images to depict just how fact one can expect to start playing the game while it downloads. As per the GIFs and the accompanying reports, Google says that it is “seeing games being ready to open at least 2 times faster.”
However, there’s a catch, just like there always is with anything even remotely good.The feature will be applicable for only those games that make use of the Play Asset Delivery system (which make use of packs of assets, from sound to texture). All apps that rely on the Delivery system will be up for playing during download automatically, and developers will not have to take any additional steps.
The news was released on Monday, as part of the Google for Games Development Summit 2021 which is running between July 12 and 13. Another announcement made during the event claims that Android 12 will come equipped with a new game dashboard, which will provide for easy access to utilities like screen recording or screen capture. However, for now, only “select devices” will have this feature.
The new quick play feature might be familiar for console players, since Sony has for years been employing the same tactic on its PlayStation. Moreover, it is quite different from the Google Play Instant tool on Play Store, which makes it possible for users to completely let go of the download process, and play the game instantaneously, within seconds.