If you love art (like me) but can’t paint to save your life (like me), this news is for you. For years, AI has been trying to revolutionize how humans paint, and Nvidia’s latest Canvas AI is here to take the experience to another level. With this latest tool (and a pretty beefy Nvidia GPU), users will be able to draw random blobs that barely resemble ‘art’, which will then be processed to create photo-realistic drawings based on AI.

The model is based on GAN (generative adversarial network), which is basically used to create random data sets. In a GAN, a user feeds input into a machine, which then creates its own dataset based upon that input, trying to resemble the original dataset. Then, it passes this newly created dataset through a filter to see if it can differentiate it from the original input. The input of this filter is then sent to the dataset creator, which creates a better dataset to trick the filter.

This goes on in circle, till the generated dataset is so good that the filter cannot find distinctions from the original dataset.

The Canvas AI is based upon this model, where you can draw random blobs, which then get converted to almost gallery ready images. You can use different colors to build different features like mountains, water, grass, ruins, etc. Then this sketch is sent through the GAN, which tries to refine it into a masterpiece, while the filter tries to find flaws. Upon equilibrium, you receive your desired output.

This is a user friendly version of the conventional GAN, and can be used by artists to better their original work. This is because while the images are already pretty darn close to reality, there can still be some parts left that the human eye can call out after the GAN has done its work. However, it will allow artists to see how the end result of their work might look like, and see if they want to make any changes.

Moreover, it can also be a fun little trick for casuals like me, who can now try to impress their friends through the magic of AI.

So if you have a powerful GPU (which are currently nowhere in stock), feel free to give the Nvidia Canvas AI a go. Download it here.