Credits: Wikimedia commons

Ever since wildly popular audio chatting platform Clubhouse made its way to iOS users, there have been many attempts to re-create another application based on a similar ideology. And now, it seems that Spotify, home to the largest and most widely used music streaming and podcast service in the world, has come up with its latest new offering, “Spotify Greenroom”, which is touted to be a competitor to Clubhouse.

Spotify Greenroom will allow users to indulge in live audio chats, and is essentially a revamped version of Locker Room, the app that the music giant acquired earlier this year. Said app, which allowed sports fans and game experts to converse through live audio chat in real time, was owned by Betty Labs Inc., which merged with Spotify back in March. During the acquisition, the Daniel Ek-led company had said that Locker Room will be converted into a separate business, instead of being integrated into the music streaming app itself. And now we get to see what this “separate business” is.

Greenroom too, much like Clubhouse, will feature chatrooms where users will be able to chat via voice messaging in real time, all the while keeping with the Spotify legacy and having a green-coloured UI, a major shift from the much sporty white-and-red orange format that its predecessor featured. Different topics will be hosted as live audio sessions under different groups, ranging from NBA to celeb news. Users will have the option of joining the groups that pique their interest the most, which in turn will allow for an easier and better interaction among fans and hosts. The Home screen will feature all the groups that are available, so that you can take your pick, while also displaying  active chat rooms under each group.

Any user with a Spotify account (which means tons of people the world over) will be able to join Spotify Greenroom, and will also be allowed to create a host audio chat rooms. New participants can be invited via a link, much like Slack or Clubhouse itself. Moreover, the app will also feature a “calendar”, containing details of all the upcoming chat rooms, with an option to set a reminder. The chats in a room can also be recorded, and will be sent to the user through mail by Spotify itself. Additionally, in case you ever get bored of talking through voice chats, then the app also comes equipped with an option for regular chats, which can be enabled while setting up a new room.

An additional option will allow users to turn their chat rooms into podcasts. In due course of time, Spotify will eventually use its familiar personalization tools to make targeted recommendations, or perhaps even send out direct notifications, about content that a particular user would like.

Spotify Greenroom has already hit stores in more than 135 markets across the world, and is compatible with both, the Android and iOS gadgets.

Another related announcement that Spotify made is the inauguration of the Spotify Creator Fund, which has been set up with the aim of helping content creators monetize their content and get rewarded, while using Spotify Greenroom to mobilize their fans and communities.