The wait is finally over. With the WWDC 2021 (Apple’s annual developer’s event, which is full of announcements on exciting new products) finally here, loyal Apple users are stoked to see upgrades to their favourite operating sysetems. And one of the most highly-anticipated among this year’s apparent product line up has to be the iOS 15.

Apple did a pretty decent job this year keeping the rumors at bay, but word did eventually get out, letting users know a few teensy deets on what to expect in terms of the iPhone. Nevertheless, this year’s updates are more on the lighter side, especially since last year’s iOS 14 was such a major change.

First, there is a major revamp to Facetime, with too many features to list here so read it in a separate article here.

Notifications receive major upgrade

Notifications will be one of the prime focuses for the operating system this year, and users will now be able to select from a variety of notification preferences to suit their current situation. Expected options include the “working” and “sleeping” and “personal” categories. The controls for the same will be available on the Lock Screen (which is also set to undergo a transformation this year), with the main tab being present in the Control Center (which might also undergo somewhat of a change).

Another new addition will be Notification Summary, which will summarize the various notifications that users receive throughout the day, to let them know the gist of each of them, and allow them to skim through useless notifications. Additionally, notifs will now be listed in a priority-first manner, based on an AI-directed analysis of user interaction  with apps.

These notifications will most likely be a major shift from the present Sleep and Do Not Disturb modes, and will allow users to send automatic replies to received messages, based on their current status. Such a feature was, till now, available only while driving, and this will be the first time that it is introduced in a system-wide scale.

Spotlight will now have a photo search option, which will allow users to quickly get information on the locations, people, places, etc. in their photos.

Photos becomes more interactive this time, with the ability to create “heartwarming videos” through the upgraded Memories tool. Custom designs and changes to a particular Memory will also be supported.

With a heavier focus on smart features, Apple certainly had a lot of small but efficient new tools up its sleeve. Live Text was one of the first new features to be unveiled, which will allow for highlight, copy,  and paste text onto photos.

iMessage goes modern

iMessage, the resident messaging app on iOS, will also reportedly be revamped, so as to turn it into more of a social networking service, akin to WhatsApp. However, just how this will happen, is not very clear at the moment. Nevertheless, auto-replies and detailed status messages can be expected.

Apple Wallet will now have keys to everyday places, from homes to offices, added to it, joining the league with car keys. Even ID Cards will be making their way to the app, in order to present users with a truly wallet-less experience.

Weather, on the other hand, will now feature full screen weather maps, as well as a cool new design which will help you know what the weather is like, just by looking at the app.

Finally, a word on Apple Maps, which will undergo a functional upgrade this year. While this isn’t directly related to the iOS, it does relate to all the major operating systems under the Apple banner, of which, the iOS is inevitably a part. The upgrade won’t be too huge, but will feature a more systematic and easier-to-use interface. Driving will now become easier, with more detailed depictions of roads, highways, and even streets, along with updates on the traffic.

Developing story, more to follow…