Recently, Twitter has been looking to completely change its platforms, by adding new features either by itself or through acquisitions and partnerships. This comes as the company searches for new sources of revenue, as well as adds new features to capture a bigger chunk of the internet market. However, adding new features, especially at the pace at which Twitter is doing it, is not an easy job, and to fix that issue, the company has made yet another acquihire.

Today, Twitter announced that it has acquired the startup Reshuffle, an API integration platform, in an effort to fast track its own app development goals and launch new at a much faster pace.

Reshuffle is, in its own words, is “an open source integration framework that lets developers build workflows and connect systems.” Essentially it builds improved APIs – Application Program Interface – which help the developers in building new features for the application.

The complete team of Reshuffle – which consists of a total of seven members – will soon join the much larger Twitter workforce as part of this acquihire bond. The team’s main focus shall be on areas that Twitter has been looking to further develop for some time now – like the product, engineering, and developer relations. The team will also help Twitter’s ongoing efforts to launch new features as soon as possible, such as audio rooms or ‘Spaces’; and ‘Super Follow’- the subscription service it plans to launch soon.

The way this partnership will work is Reshuffle will help Twitter build new API integrations that will fast track the development process of new features for developers. As these developers find an easier integration environment to work with, Twitter will have an easier time rolling out these new features and thus, the launch time will decrease.

In a blog post announcing the acquihire, Twitter talked about its API version 2.0, something which it introduced last year, “We recently launched an API product for academic researchers, our first tailored to the needs of a specific part of our community, and we’ve shared our platform roadmap to give developers more visibility into our future plans.”

This developed version of the Twitter API offers new features such as ranked poll results, spam filtering, and pinned tweets that provides developers with better ways to listen to and organize public conversations as well as analyze them.

However, as the company looks forward to introduce a lot more features in the next few months, the pressure on the API platform has increased. Thus, the acquisition of Reshuffle will help the social media giant stay in control of the development process.

Twitter has optimistic views for this new collaboration. It said, “We’re doubling down on our investment and ambitions by bringing the Reshuffle team on board. Their experience building developer platforms will accelerate and enhance our work by building the tools that will make it easier and quicker for developers to find value on our platform.”