Credits: Wikimedia commons

Netflix shows are a favorite amongst streaming enthusiasts. However, many grumblers do complain about the high prices of the platform’s plans. But according to a report by ET, Netflix might be planning to launch a new, more affordable plan- Mobile+, priced at ₹299.

Netflix’s existing Mobile plan, which was launched in 2019 is priced at ₹199 and allows users to stream on smartphones in SD quality. Though this is good enough for those who do not mind about video quality or size, it is still pretty restrictive. This new plan, however, will also support multiple small screen devices other than smartphones such as tablets, laptops and even Chromebooks, all at ₹299. Another plus point of this new plan is that it will stream content in HD quality(720p).

There have been rumors about Netflix looking to launch a ₹345 plan earlier this year, but these were never confirmed, and we surely haven’t seen such a plan. It is possible that competition from other similar services (especially Disney+ and its catalogue of Marvel shows) made Netflix reconsider and further drop prices.

According to reports, Netflix is testing the plan with only a few customers right now, and will launch it to the whole market if it gets positive feedback from the testers. Spokesperson of Netflix told ET that the company will only roll out the offering for a long term if it is sure that the public will like the plan and be willing to buy it.

There’s a high chance that it might succeed, as a lot of users have started using their mobile devices for day to day streaming. Thus, a plan like this that can circumvent the high prices of the more premium plans might be able to attract a lot more users.