Social media companies have been continuously adding new features to their platforms, as the market continues to add new players. Instagram is no exception, with a new feature dropping every month or so. Today, the company has just announced an upgrade to its “Live feature”, which will allow users to go live with up to 3 other users.

While the live option was already incredibly famous among creators and celebrities, it saw a rapid increase during the COVID-19 lockdown, as other offline live events got cancelled. Instagram says that this new feature, which is being called Live rooms, was a highly requested feature, and they have launched it in the hopes that it’ll open even more opportunities for creators to connect with viewers in a better and much more creative ways.

Live rooms will let people feel even more connected to influencers and celebrities, while also giving creators another way to earn. The already available badges feature – which allows fans to buy a badge for the creator they wish to support, while giving the fans specific benefits like highlighted comments- will also be available in live rooms. Viewers can purchase a badge per person, as well as benefit from other options such as shopping and live fundraisers. Live fundraisers were another famous event in lockdown, as celebrities tried to raise money for people in need. Instagram is currently also working of other features and tools such as moderator controls and better audio features.

Starting a live room would be as easy as before. The first person would simply click on the rooms option in the where the live option was available earlier and be able to request and add other people one by one or all together. Instagram is also taking safety into account. Any user who has been blocked by any single participant of the Room will not be able to join the stream. Similarly, any user whose live access had been revoked by the company earlier will not be added to the stream. Additionally, the hosts can filter and block comments to keep it viewer friendly.

A few weeks ago, Adam Mosser, head of Instagram came on a NBC late night show- A little Late with Lilly Singh. He told Lilly about this new feature the company was working on and went live using Rooms with the host.

According to Instagram, this latest option will be available an all accounts worldwide by the end of the week.