Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Apple offers some of the most premium phones on the market, as well asthe  iOS, which is often touted as the best smartphone OS to exist. However, the company’s performance with batteries has always been a sore spot, with internet filled with memes about iPhones and their short battery lives.  Now Apple.Inc might be working on a new accessory to make charging easier, so as to allay some of the critique.

According to a report from Bloomberg,  Apple has been developing magnetic battery packs for its latest phones, using the MagSafe system, that would wirelessly charge the devices and also serve as a protective case.

According to the report, some prototypes have a white rubber exterior, and are strong enough to support the charging units. Thus, the product is halfway there.

The problem arises here: The company has been developing these for over an year now, and has been expecting to launch it after the release of the iPhone 12 lineup. However, insiders have said that the device is still showcasing errors related to overheating and users switching between using their phones with or without the case. Due to these, many are skeptical about when and if this line will be launched.

If the endeavor succeeds, the magnetic battery packs could prove to have a wide market. This isn’t the first time when Apple has developed such attachments though. Apple had earlier tried to develop a technology that let different Apple devices (like watches, MacBook, air pods etc.) charge each other. In 2019, they had started developing iPhones which let air pods charge on their back. These, however, were scrapped.

This is why the company is maintaining extra caution this time around, and not announcing anything that is not ready to launch.

On the other hand, Apple has been developing the MagSafe system for some time now. Only last year, it launched cases, leather wallets and chargers with this ecosystem. Apple is expected to launch many more products with MagSafe technology this year, including MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. According to reports, this would mean that the yanking of the USB would not cause the entire computer to go down, but only disconnect.

The company has been earning a major 12% of its revenue through accessories this past year. This includes wearables like watches and earphones and also different cases. IF this product survives testing, it could bring in even more revenue and widen the market for Apple beyond what it already is.