Samsung Galaxy Buds

Today was a very eventful day for Samsung enthusiasts, as the South Korean company unveiled its latest S21 series lineup in an online event. However, if like many others, you only tuned in to see the latest flagship smartphones, you missed out on another very important launch-the Galaxy Buds Pro.

The buds are designed in an oval shape, and come with a True Wireless design that just screams ‘quality’. The earphones will come in three colours: Phantom Silver, Phantom Black, and Violet colour options.

Galaxy Buds Pro come with 11mm bass drivers and 6.5mm tweeters with coaxial dual speakers, to deliver the best listening experience ever on a Samsung earphone.

However, hardware is not the only thing that the South Korean company excels at. Samsung has also added features like 3D Spatial audio and Active Noise Cancellation to its earbuds, ensuring that it has the software to go with the industry leading hardware that comes with these buds. The company claims that Galaxy Buds Pro will offer the most immersive listening experience by Samsung, thanks to varying levels of Active Noise Cancellation.

Moreover, the experience will be sweetened even further by voice detection feature, seamless connection, and 3D spatial audio with head tracking (which was also seen in the Apple AirPods Max).

Each earbud is said to feature a 61 mAh battery, and the charging case will have a 472mAh battery. The buds will offer 5 hours of on-board battery life, and if you turn the ANC and Bixby voice off, you can get 8 hours of listening experience. However, you can get up to 28 hours with a case, which is phenomenal for a TWS earphone.

Galaxy Buds Pro will also come with an IPX7 water resistance rating, which just adds to to their quality factor.

The buds are priced at $199, which is a fair price for a device of this quality. The buds will go up against Apple AirPods Pro, and seeing how Samsung’s offering is cheaper, there’s a high chance that I will be going for it over Apple (sorry Tim Cook). The buds will be available for order from today, and hit the stores tomorrow.