Google Stadia
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Google Stadia, the cloud gaming service by Google, is now available on iOS, the company announced. However, as Apple’s AppStore does not allow applications like Stadia to be available there, Google is using web applications to access the service. This means that while you cannot download a specific application for Stadia on your iPhone, you can use the service through a web app which can be accessed through the Safari browser.

The company has said that users need iOS 14.3, the latest version of operating system that was released earlier this week, to be able to enjoy the service.

To access the cloud gaming service, users need to visit, where they will have the option to log in to their Google account and also  add a shortcut of the web application to their iOS home screen. Google has also said that several gamepad sand controllers will be supported. iOS supports Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers using Bluetooth and also the controllers which are specifically designed for iPads and iPhones.

Google Stadia provides a wide array of games to choose from. The platform also has two free accessible games, Destiny 2 and Super Bomberman R, which you can play after you log in without having to make any payment. Unlike most of its rivals like GeForce Now or Google xCloud, users can enjoy games by just paying the amount for the title the user likes. Recently games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla were added to the platform. Users also have the option to become a Stadia Pro members. That for an amount of $9.99 per month users can avail a library of games and the subscription also unlocks 4K video.

Ubisoft also had recently announced that by claiming the Ubisoft+ subscription users can also enjoy Ubisoft games on Google’s cloud platform. However, the service, for now, is only limited to the US market.

Cloud gaming services have recently emerged as an alternative to traditional gaming, allowing users to not just save a fortune by not buying high end gaming PCs (that can often cost multiple thousand dollars), but also bypass huge downloads. Amazon Luna (which has recently announced an expansion to Android) and GeForce Now from Nvidia are just a few competitors to Stadia, competing for what could be the next big thing in the world of gaming.