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It looks like the services are up and running, as is confirmed by this tweet from Google Workspace:


Google is a name that has become synonymous to the term ‘search’ and is trusted worldwide for its reliability. However, contrary to the common perception of the company, users from all over the world are reporting today that Google services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Docs, Maps, Adwords and Adsense are down.

Users have also reported problems with Google’s search engine. The outage appears to have affected services other than Google’s too. There have been reports that Zoom and other services have also been affected. The Dublin City University tweeted that their email DCU email is down as well. The reports have been coming in from several different regions such as India, US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Meanwhile, Twitter has found its new gossip for the day, and the search giant’s downtime appears to have spawned countless new memes. Various topics like #YouTubeDOWN, Google, Server, Bing and Yahoo are trending, and are filled mostly with memes, some of them joking about the unpredictable year 2020 and some expressing the frustration of losing access to important services. There are users who are also mocking Google and saying this is why they prefer DuckDuckGo over it.

Downtime detector, a website which monitors web-services and other websites to detect downtime, shows a sharp spike in reported problems between 5:00 and 5:30 PM IST for Google’s services. Though, fortunately the numbers have been gradually dropping since then.

Google has officially addressed the problem, tweeting this from its workspace Twitter account: