Samsung 4K MicroLED
Credits: Samsung

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant has announced its latest product, a 110 inch 4K TV, which features MicroLED technology, the latest in the market. The announcement of this new product was made today, with Samsung adding that this TV would be available for pre-sale in the South Korean market from today.

Up until now, this technology was reserved for the “Wall” from Samsung, a system of configurable modules that could be installed professionally. However, that was a cumbersome task, and with this new launch, the South Korean giant has found a way to condense the experience into a more traditional looking device.

This technology is different from that of Mini-LED and uses millions of tiny LEDs to deliver perfect blacks and high brightness. This is the first new screen technology in a decade and has a better picture quality than any other displays that are available in the market currently. About this new technology, Samsung has said, “MicroLED technology transfers micrometer-scale LEDs into LED modules, resulting in what resembles wall tiles comprised of mass-transferred clusters of almost microscopic lights. Mounted together as a uniform canvas and plugged in, they create a visual experience similar to what you get with premium QLED TVs.”

The MicroLED technology is similar to that of OLED subtracting its negative traits. While OLED is able to deliver the most perfect blacks, it usually has a short life span. However, with MicroLED, that problem is fixed, since unlike OLED, the technology is inorganic. In fact, Samsung has gone as far as to place an estimate of 100,000 hours on the display, which translates to a decade.

The Wall has a 99.99 percent screen-to-body ratio, the company claimed. Despite this, the company has managed to put “an embedded Majestic Sound System” in the television, which can deliver “breathtaking 5.1 channel sound with no external speaker”.

This will be one of the most attractive products in the Consumer Electronics Show in January and is forecasted to launch globally in the first quarter of 2021.

The price of this new TV has not been revealed by the company. We can presume that it will cost a lot more than any of the company’s other 4K (or even 8K) sets because of its latest MicroLED display.