Facebook E.gg

Facebook New Product Experimentation team has officially launched its new creatives app, E.gg, which will be available to download on the iOS App store across the United States. E.gg is a creative platform where users can create “zine-like, freeform pages from their phone and share them on the web,” which essentially translates to a collage making app.

Facebook says, “E.gg was inspired by the raw and exploratory spirit of the early internet: manically-blinking GIFs, passionate guestbook entries and personal web pages devoted to niche interests.”

The social media giant says that E.gg is for users to create pages that uniquely represent them. The app lets you create a freeform canvas and curate images, gifs, shapes and text onto it. Furthermore, you can share these creations on the web using the unique URL that is generated on the platform for specific page creation. Users without the E.gg app can also view a page using just the URL on a web browser.

The app also has an explore section where users can browse through others’ page creations. When a user likes a ‘bit’ from anyone else’s page, they can add it to their own page by attributing the original creator. While a user is browsing through the pages on the app and comes across a commonly used page ‘bit’, they can view all the pages that have used that common ‘bit’.

“In our limited beta, we’ve seen people create fan pages, guides, tributes, profiles, collages, recipes and more. We’ve been continually inspired and can’t wait to see what else y’all do with E.gg,” said Facebook.

E.gg was announced earlier this year by the NPE team at Facebook and was only rolling it out to users based on a waitlist method. Jason Toff, Product Manager at Facebook had described E.gg as an “experimental new platform for weird and wonderful expressions of who you are and what you love”. He explained that the idea to introduce a platform like E.gg was inspired by the activities in the early period of the Internet.

During the beta testing period after its launch, E.gg countered several complaints from artists. They claimed that the creative tool was using their work such as GIFs without giving credits. Facebook immediately responded and acknowledged the issues and said that it needs feedbacks like these before launching the tool live on the App store.

It’s interesting to note that E.gg is not the only product to come out of the  NPE team at Facebook this year. The team has recently had some great launches, including Venue, Forecast, Collab, Catchup, and Tuned.