Gone are the days when every social media platform had something different to offer. Instagram, the photo sharing app, was completely different from Twitter, and so on and so forth. Now, every app has the same basic layout, offering the same features, with just a little dash of ‘change’ here and there. From Stories to the new TikTok like vertical feed, every social media app has become a collection of the same features. And now, it looks like this phenomena is transcending the social media sphere and entering other popular apps as well, as Netflix has confirmed that it is testing a new TikTok like vertical feed to suggest funny clips to its users.

The feature, which is still in testing and was first spotted by Matt Navara, will include a feed of funny videos ranging anywhere from 15 to 45 seconds. The feed is supposed to help people decide on what they should watch, and is quite similar to the ‘preview’ feature that the platform already has.

Thus, the new “Fast Laughs” feature is not directed towards increasing engagement or pushing Netflix in the direction of a social media platform. Instead, it aims to promote an existing idea-helping users select what they want to see.

That being said, I would be remiss to not mention some very social media-esque features of this new addition to the app. For instance, users will be able to ‘react’ to these clips, and send them to friends and family. These features have been taken directly from the plethora of social media apps that dominate the market now.

Nonetheless, I digress. The feed will include short clips from the “My List” feature, and popular stand up specials or shows like Friends. For example, you might run into a clip from one of Dave Chappelle’s Netflix specials, right after you finish watching a hilarious scene from the Office. The company also added that it will add clips from its existing Netflix social channel, “Netflix Is A Joke.”

While it may seem like the feature is already beaten to death, but if it can work as Reels, it can surely work as “Fast Laughs.”