Apple will be holding its ‘One More Thing’ event today at 10am PST (11:30pm IST), and it will be its fourth special event this year. There have been several rumors and some evidence based speculations surrounding this event, and here is a roundup of what you can expect in today’s event:

Macs with Apple’s custom ARM-based chips

It is very likely that Apple is going to introduce their line-up of computers that run on the new custom ARM-based silicon chips. It was back in June, when Apple announced that they are going to transition to their in-house designed, ARM-based silicon chipsets to power their computers.

“Apple plans to ship the first Mac with Apple silicon by the end of the year and complete the transition in about two years,” said Apple, in the press release. However, according to Bloomberg’s recent report, Apple might be planning to launch more than just one Mac with its brand new chipsets. The report says that at least two 13-inch laptops will be unveiled today.

The chipsets powering the new laptops are based on the A14 chips found in the iPhone 12 lineup and the new iPad Air. The transition to the custom chipsets is very significant because, according to Apple, the new chips will provide its computers with better performance, better battery life and an over-all better integration with its already existing ecosystem.

The custom silicon chips are based on 64bit ARM architecture, and this architecture is shared by its A-series chips based phones and tablets. This means the new Macs will have access to the iOS based apps, and developers can support a large number of devices by targeting the 64-bit architecture alone.

The title of the event ‘One More Thing’ is a phrase that is associated with one of Apple’s co-founders, Steve Jobs. This could potentially be a hint that there will be more than just one thing that is going to be unveiled in today’s event.

MacOS Update and New Headphones

More details on the launch of the next major macOS release dubbed ‘BIG SUR’, might be one of the other things to be discussed during today’s event. Apple might finally announce the release date of the new update.

The major update is going to bring a host of new changes to the already well-polished mac operating system. Some of the new changes include a visual overhaul: translucent menu bar, new iOS style icons for the native Apple apps, and other visual changes. The new release will also bring updates to the native macOS apps like Safari, Messages, and Maps.

It also includes under-the-hood changes to improve performance and stability. BIG SUR or mac OS 11 is going to be the first macOS to support the new custom ARM-based silicon chipsets, which increases the likelihood of the announcement of its release date during today’s event.

Other than the release date of the macOS update, we might also hear some news about the rumored high-end over-the-ear headphones which might be called Apple AirPods Studio. The headphones are rumored to have swappable ear cups and headbands, and include features like noise cancellation and touch controls.

There have also been rumors about a couple different Apple products such as a new Apple TV and a new tracker device called AirTags. The trackers are supposedly tags with wireless technology that can be attached to daily objects and other things, and the location of those objects can be tracked through your Apple devices. Although all of this sounds very exciting, it is important to keep in mind that they are still rumors.

There could also be surprises which we didn’t expect at all. But for now, we can only speculate, and the only definite way to find out what is going to be released and discussed in the event is to tune-in to the livestream of the event today at 10am PST (11:30pm IST) either on Apple’s website or on their official YouTube channel.