The current times have resulted in an unprecedented demands for a more comprehensive digital approach from businesses than ever before. This means that the trend of taking businesses online and making apps has increased. And Adobe is just here to help developers with that, announcing new tools that will help developers build custom apps on the Adobe Experience Cloud.

The new tools – Project Firefly, React Spectrum and new SDKs, aim to provide a complete framework, making it easier to develop apps on the Experience Cloud. Project Firefly and several components of the React Spectrum and the new SDKs will be available starting today.

Adobe’s new ‘Project Firefly’  will help speed up the developing process by multiple times, using automation and pre designed tools. Jason Woosley, VP of developer experience and commerce at Adobe explains that Project Firefly will now make it possible for developers with very little expertise to get started with the Experience Cloud. The Project would also provide the tools necessary to automatically build some parts of an application.

Moreover, the company also announced ‘React Spectrum’, an open-source of libraries and tools. Woosley said, “It comes with all of the accessibility features that often get forgotten when you’re in a race to market, so it’s nice to make sure that you will be very inclusive with your design, making sure that you’re bringing on all aspects of your audiences”. The company aims to welcome more developers through this move and help the community build more accessible applications.

And lastly, Adobe has unveiled a new set of web and mobile software development kits (SDKs) with the objective of making it simpler for developers to link the Experience Cloud data sources while building an app. These SDKs will further enable developers to tailor-make interesting interactions with their clients with the help of the data available on the Experience Cloud.

Woosley says these new introductions are an effort to make it easier for developers to build applications faster during a time when digital demand is on the rise. He said, “Our focus is very specifically on making the experience generation business something that’s very attractive to developers and very accessible to developers so we’re announcing a number of tools”.