Fitbit today launched three brand new wearable devices. A $330 Apple Watch competitor called ‘Sense’, along with upgrades to its Versa (Versa 3) and Inspire (Inspire 2) line-ups. And as has been the case with most such events in this year, the devices were announced at a virtual launch event.


So Sense is perhaps the most important of them all. The Sense smartwatch is being hailed as Fitbit’s first entry into a new premium line of smartwatches. The company already produces smartwatches under the banner of Versa, but this will be a premium version of that offering, aiming to compete with the likes of Apple Watch. Sense, according to the Fitbit is, “company’s most advanced health smartwatch.” 

The most interesting new feature that Fitbit is introducing in Sense is stress detection. To detect stress levels, Sense will combine the data from 10 physical biometric tests like heart rate, exercise rate, sleep quality, etc. An EDA sensor will check for electrical changes in sweat and determine stress levels. Considering the current stressful times, this feature, if practical, will be very useful.

The device also supports some features that come with just about every smartwatch on the market, including an ECG app that will be able to detect heart issues(which is completely new) and tell the user when his/her heart rate is too fast or too slow(this one, not so much). Fitbit sense also has a temperature detector that can tell the user if he has a fever even before the symptoms come in. It can also detect the user’s SpO2  levels. However, Fitbit is using this seemingly old technology to produce smart results, and said that some of the features like breathing rate and heart rate can be used to detect early corona symptoms.

According to the company, the battery life of the watch is really good and can be used for up to six days. Moreover, a full day worth of charge can be achieved with just 12 minutes of charging.

The Versa 3

This smartwatch is the third in Fitbit’s Versa line. This versa watch looks very similar to the previous two but it has a very important new update- onboard GPS(much like the more expensive Sense). This means that now users will be able to workout without carrying their phones when they go for a run.

The Versa 3, like the Sense, will also support Amazon Alexa and google assistant along with the brilliant battery life thanks to the magnetic charger. Just like its premium counterpart, it will also support various meditation apps and monitor your sleep patterns.

This watch, which is available for pre-order now, will also give users the option to connect to their phones via Bluetooth.

However, it does not have ECH and EDA detection facilities that the Sense does, thanks to the price difference between the two.

The Inspire 2

Following the Inspire 1 as the most affordable fitness smartwatch, Inspire 2 comes with new updates and exciting features.  Priced at  Rs. 10,999, this smartwatch has a heart rate sensor, activity monitor, and up to 10 days of battery life. With a sleeker design, the inspire 2 keeps track of the user’s menstrual health,  food, and hydration intake etc.