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SpaceX has raised $1.9 billion in capital from various undisclosed sources, marking what is the company’s biggest funding amount to date. The news was uncovered by Reuters, which got its hand on an SEC filing made by the company.

According to a report from Bloomberg, which reported the funding round last week, SpaceX will still have an equity value of $46 billion after the round has completed, making it one of the most valued private space companies in the world. Of course, there are not many “private space companies” who can even come close to SpaceX, even billionaire Bezos’ Blue Origin.

Musk had been looking to raise capital for quite some time, so this round comes as no surprise. However, what has changed since earlier this year is that SpaceX has added a lot of medals on its chest. Its Starlink constellation has already deployed over 500 satellites into space, having completed the deployment of its 11th batch just today.

Even more so, the company sent its first humans to space earlier this summer, who just happened to be the first humans to enter Space from America ever since the last NASA launch in 2011.

Moreover, the company is also making headway on its Starship prototype, which completed a successful ‘hop’ mission that took the spacecraft 150m into the air. This test took 3 tries, but finally marked a great success for the company.

All of this has made SpaceX stocks a hot commodity, and thus, the funding round generated more capital than was initially planned.

On the flip side, all these missions do not come without their fair share of expenses, and a funding like this was much required to keep conducting more launches.

While we do not know anything about who participated in this ‘oversubscribed’ round, Bloomberg claims that Fidelity Investments was among the largest in.

The company still has not gone public, neither does Musk have any plans to change that, at least until the company is regularly ferrying people to Mars. However, a report from earlier this year speculated that Starlink might become a separate public offering by itself.