Google has today announced the launch of ‘People Cards’, a feature that lets almost anyone create a virtual visiting card of sorts within Google Search. The feature, that has only be launched in India for now, shows up a search card (if you have added one about yourself) whenever someone searches for you.

These India-first cards are similar to the knowledge panels that show up every time you make a google search for a celebrity. Now, with this feature, those panels will be extended to the average Indian citizen, allowing other people to access their details through a simple Google search. Needless to say, Google is trying to get into that LinkedIn territory, by giving you the ability to display your professional prowess to everyone who searches your name.

People Cards will contain information like your profile picture, name, occupation, location, bio, work, education, and contact details. In case you don’t upload a profile picture, Google will automatically fetch the image associated with your Google account. You can also link your social media accounts to your card and attach links to your websites.

Users can create people cards by signing into their Google accounts and searching their names on google. A new option called “add me to search” will show up, which will allow you to create your personalized card. However, it is important to note that, for now, the feature is only available on mobile phones and in English.

“For the millions of influencers, entrepreneurs, prospective employees, self-employed individuals, freelancers, or anyone else out there who wants to be discovered, we hope this new Search feature will help the world find them,” wrote Google.

Now, with a feature like this, the obvious question is: “What if two or more people with the same name have a card?” In that case, Google  will allow multiple cards to show up, which can be easily distinguished from each other by the varying amount of information provided in them.

Google is making sure that these cards are secure, and has taken some critical steps to close loopholes that can put user security in jeopardy. To ensure that only legitimate people make a card, google will allow only one card per account and will require your phone number for the authentication process. Moreover, if someone feels that a card is fake or impersonated then they can give google their feedback. You can also delete or update your google card anytime.

‘People cards’ have already been rolled out in India for all mobile phone users today.