No, it is not an Apple Watch. Image Credits: Oppo

In a world of smartwatches largely dominated by Apple, there is one more global entrant today, albeit on the Android side of things of course. Oppo is releasing its first smartwatch for the world to savour, today. The smartwatch, which almost entirely resembles the Apple Watch, had earlier launched in China and has proven to be a hit. Taking cues from success there, Oppo watch is finally making its way to the entire globe.

The watch will come in two models- the 41mm model with a 1.6-inch screen, and the second one with the 46mm and a 1.91-inch display with a 402 x 476 resolution. The larger version has optional LTE connectivity facilities, which works great.

The company claims that 430mAh battery charges in 75 minutes and gets half full in 15. However, even though the watch has fast charging, earlier tests have shown that its battery life does not seem to be great.

The device will be compatible with both iOS and Android as it works on Wear OS software. This is the first time that the watch has made its way to Apple users, as the device launched in China housed a customised version of Android.

However, the biggest catch of the yet to be launched oppo smartwatch is probably that it holds an uncanny resemblance to the Apple watch. In fact, one might be able to make the claim that if an Oppo Watch and an Apple Watch were kept side by side, you would not be able to identify which is which without turning the screen on. The watch’s strap design, curved glass, square-ish screen and the OS visual style are remarkably similar to its Apple counterpart.

The watch comes with just about everything that its competitors have launched over the years, including fitness related features like a heart rate monitor with constant activity tracking, breathing and sleep monitoring devices.

Oppo plans on selling the watches at  Rs. 19,990 ($267) for the 46mm and Rs. 14,990 ($200) for the 41mm, which is not the most budget friendly on the market.