Smartphone shipments in China have observed a growth of 17% in April 2020 relative to April last year. The numbers suggest that China might bounce back into the smartphone market with its leading smartphone company Huawei reaching normalcy, following the COVID-19 pandemic and the plummet accompanied by it.

This rise in purchase from factory outlets to vendors went from 34.8 million handsets last year to 40.8 million handsets in April this year, despite the repercussions of the outbreak. This indicates an earlier than expected return of China’s hardware business.

What is interesting to note is the fact that after a long time China has decided not to disclose the separate purchase percentages of Android devices shipped. This data used to be largely significant in order to determine the numbers for Apple smartphone sales in the country as Apple does not reveal regional shipments.

This becomes an intriguing matter as China has repeatedly claimed to boycott every nation that speaks against the former or falsely accuses it in any manner with regards to the pandemic. Canalys and IDC among other Private research firms who play a key role in keeping a track of the smartphone sector have also reported a downfall of Apple device shipments in lower single digits.

Not just Apple, but Chinese Android  smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo have also endured the worst part of the onslaught due to the outbreak. The shipments have declined in two digit percentages.

However Huawei, the Chinese competitor of Apple, has managed to maintain stable and flat shipments in the first quarter and is among the only top five vendors to grow shipments annually.