Twitter is testing a new layout with a limited section of users on the iOS and the Web, that aims at better organising longer conversation threads. Additionally, the microblogging platform is also testing, within the same feature, a new user prompt, to inform twitterati whether their replies are offensive or not.

Announcing the same via a tweet, Twitter said that whenever a user will hit the “Send” button on their tweets, they will be told if the words in their tweet are similar to those in posts that have been reported, and asked if they would like to revise it or not.

The moves comes in the backdrop of rising cases of abuse on Twitter, with incessant level of trolling happening across the spectrum. Off late, Twitter has also become a hub of fake users posting deep fake videos, interchanging words/faces in order to create panic among general public.

While speaking with Reuters, Sunita Saligram, Twitter’s global head of site policy for trust and safety said, “We’re trying to encourage people to rethink their behavior and rethink their language before posting because they often are in the heat of the moment and they might say something they regret,”

In a broader test, Twitter is also testing a new conversations layout with select group of users, that separate comments into threads, similar to how comments on Reddit are organized. In a tweet, Twitter said, “Some of you on iOS and web will see a new layout for replies with lines and indentations that make it clearer who is talking to whom and to fit more of the convo in one view.”