With security concerns continuing to plague Zoom and relative unpopularity of alternatives such as Google Meet, CISCO Webex etc. in India, Asia’s richest man and Reliance chief Mukesh Ambani has decided to dip his wealthy toe in another pond. His telecom venture Jio announced its latest video conferencing app, “JioMeet“, for conducting video conferences and staying in touch.

The app will be available on almost all platforms, and can be downloaded from Google Play store, Apple’s iOS App Store and the Mac App Store, and Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace. Additionally, JioMeet is also available as a third party plugin for Microsoft’s Outlook email service. Moreover, if you don’t want the hassle on downloading an additional app or a plugin, users who receive links to meetings can join them directly through Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox.

The app will allow users to conduct meetings according to preferred time slots. To place a call, users can make a selection from three different menus-  Favourites, Recents and Contacts.

Users can also switch between video and audio calls, by pressing on the “Stop Video” button, and go from an audio to video call by performing the reverse. There will also be multiple other options available while engaging on a call, including Mute, End call, Headset and many more.

You can also send text messages through the app, by tapping on the chat icon on the upper right side of the screen. You can also selectively mute or unmute participants on a video call, thus providing more control over how you share information on the platform.

“JioMeet is an easy solution for hosting meetings for all groups sizes. Not only is it feature-rich, it’s also secure and reliable. The app weighs just 9.3MB and that shouldn’t occupy space on your phone. So, why wait? Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App store. If you’re on a desktop or laptop, you can also download JioMeet on your Mac or PC,” the company says.

The app already has over 100k downloads on Play Store and will compete with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams among others.