Google has brought out some outlandish ideas over its history, and the Jacquard technology that gives you a ‘smart wardrobe’ is one of them. Jacquard takes everyday items and enhances them using technology, like jackets, backpacks and this time, shoes. The company is introducing an insole under the same initiative that would allow a player’s real life soccer skills to translate into skills in their favourite soccer game.

The new product, announced today after months of teasing is a tag developed by Google Jacquard. User simply needs to pair this up with FIFA Mobile, put it inside the cavity of the Adidas-GMR insole and you’re done. You can now use this insole in virtually any of the soccer shoe options out in the market.

In association with this incredible technology, Adidas GMR is all set to change the way gamers around the world play FIFA. The Google Jacquard tracking tag will be able to measure the speed of the shots and running, number of kicks and the total distance ran by an individual and use these numbers to give players an opportunity to level up in the game.

The task will be achieved by the numerous machine learning algorithms that will come with the tag, which will enervate data from the gyroscope, accelerometer, and processor used in the device. The company says that the tag can be placed on the cleat of any normal soccer shoe, but encourages players to place it on their dominant foot for accurate readings and maintaining consistency. The package includes two insoles and another insert to fill in the blank space.

The idea is simple. Data collected from the tag will be sent and linked directly to the FIFA mobile app(or on any other platform). The game will provide weekly(presumably) challenges for users to complete in real life to unlock skills and level up in the game. It also gives players a chance to raise their OVR rating and status in the leaderboard, thus introducing an environment of healthy competition to promote a healthier lifestyle for a community that has always been bashed for being perfunctory.

This new partnership will provide Google Jacquard an opportunity to expand into other avenues, which until now has been limited to smart jackets and backpacks. Moreover, this would provide Adidas an opportunity to build a foundation amongst the future stars of soccer.