While Auto Expos generally have top auto makers in limelight, there has been gradual increase in the number of auto startups taking up some of that light. The case has been more so with electric-focused auto tech companies.

One such auto-tech upstart looking to make a mark in India’s rapidly growing electric vehicle space is electric scooter maker Everve. And unlike other electric two wheeler makers, Everve’s focus is towards the auto enthusiast consumer group. Even more specifically, the ones who wish to extract the maximum performance out of their automobil.

Along those lines, Everve launched the ‘EF1’, an electric scooter that is solely banking on its performance aspect as the USP. The company claims a top speed of upto 110kmph for the electric scooter, a first in the Indian sector. The scooter runs on a dual battery setup, with an impressive 0-60kmph in 8.73 seconds. There are two motor options, a 3.3.kW motor with 90kmph top speed while a 5kW option that gives a 110kmph top speed. The scooter however is a prototype for now, with a commercial launch scheduled for the last quarter of 2020.

At first glance though, the EF1 does look stunning and attractive. Everve has used bold colors, sharp angles and a progressive design to ensure this resonates well with the consumer group it is targeting.

Talking about the EF1 at its Auto Expo launch, Everve founder Srinivas Reddy says, “When the world is heading towards some serious climate change, it becomes inevitable to find solutions to proclaim environmental harmony. With this prototype, my team and I get a chance to embrace ‘sustainability”.

In terms of other specs, the battery gets fast-charging capability which ensures 0-50% in 1.5 hours. The regular full charge will take close to 5 years. And even though the scooter promises on performance, these charging times need to improve to much better numbers in order for the EF1 to become competitive.

Pricing and range details are not available yet, with the company mentioning ‘Not competitive’ in front of Pricing in the official release. That clearly hints towards a rather expensive electric scooter.

EF1 will take on the recently launched Ather 450X, a performance oriented version from the Hero group-backed Ather Energy. Unlike Everve’s EF1, the 450X is production ready with the company already in the process of establishing distribution channels across 6 major Indian cities.