Motorola, after changing multiple hands in ownership, had to fight back to regain its lost name in the phone business. And if there’s one brand name that helped it considerably in the fight back, its the Moto G. Launched as an affordable yet high quality line-up of Android smartphone, the lineup has now sold over 100 million units worldwide, says Motorola.

All the units were sold over the course of 7 years, ever since Motorola first launched the lineup back in 2013 as a torch bearer of its revival plan. The company further reported that 30 million of these units were sold in the last two years and Moto G has become the company’s biggest revenue generator. Moto G sales account for 40% of the company’s sales globally and half of all business in Europe.

The company also plans to launch a new variant every 10 months in order to keep the franchise ever-fresh and stable, with the help of Lenovo Group Ltd. as the partnership is expected to bring down the production time.

In terms of innovation, Motorola’s next big play is the company’s iconic Moto Razr foldable. While it may not pack the power that its limited competition currently boasts of, the phone costs way below the $2000 plus options offered by competitors Samsung and Huawei, sitting closer to the $1500 range. However, Samsung is expected to bring down the price, more towards the same range, as the company is expected to roll out the smaller version of Galaxy Fold. However, for the time being, Razr still offers the best price in the segment and better quality phones

The U.S. found company faced a rough patch for some years, post which it was acquired by Google for $12.5 billion in 2012. The company however continued to go down under Google’s reign, ultimately forcing Google for a highly devalued, $2.5 billion sale to China’s Lenovo group. Ever since, the company is back on track and has found its sweet spot selling more budget friendly phones as opposed to its competition companies. The $300 price tag of the Moto G has worked effectively for the company so far and the differential is what makes it a lucrative choice for users.