Samsung has always been the top dog in the ‘display’ market, with its top notch monitors and beautifully designed screens. At CES2020, the company designed to turn things up to 11 and brought Odyssey, its line of curved gaming monitors, coming in the 27- 32- and 49-inch version.

While curved monitors only make up for a fraction of the market, they are on the rise and their sales are only expected to go up with the advent of E Sports, 5G era and Google’s Stadia streaming platform. Streaming has become a sensation and cosmetics are a huge part of the deal, leading to speculations that curved screen monitors will soon become much more common.

The G9 ultra-curved 49-inch dual QHD gaming monitor comes with resolution of 5120 by 1440 pixels and a whopping 240HZ refresh rate. It also boasts a 1 millisecond response time, 32: 9 aspect ratio and a 1000R curvature.

The device(s) will be ready to be shipped globally by second quarter of 2020.

This isn’t the only device in the segment that the company has announced at the event. Samsung also announced the world’s first bezel-less TV, housing a 99% screen to body ratio and delivering picture quality of upto 8K. The TV will use AI to upscale picture quality to 8K. Q950, as it was so lovingly named by the company, will be just 15 mm thick, saving up a lot of real estate.

The company also announced a rotating TV known as ‘Sero’.The Sero’s display orientation technology connects seamlessly with users’ mobile devices to smoothly and naturally display content in traditional horizontal formats, as well as vertical formats designed for mobile consumption.