CES 2020 has kicked-off and on the very first day of the world’s largest tech show, Google made a splash with new announcements related to its voice-powered artificial intelligence helper — Google Assistant.

So, here’s a list-down of everything that Google announced at CES 2020 so far:

Webpage Reading

You can now just say “Hey Google, read this page” and the Google Assistant will fire up to generate a lifelike reading, with the system only reading the relevant text and will automatically skip things like social sharing buttons and the navigation options.

The company is also planning to make the page autoscroll and highlight the text that it reads but the feature is likely to make its way to the devices a bit later.

Scheduled Actions

You will now be able to make one-off requests for actions that you want to trigger later in the day. For instance, you can just say “Hey Google, turn the lights on at 6 pm” and Assistant will do this.

Sticky Notes

You can now pin a note to the lock screen by simply saying “Hey Google, leave a note that says ‘remember to call him'”. However, the pinned note on the lock screen will be visible to all, so remember this before you decided to pin a note.

Speed Dial

You can now add a few phone numbers to a smart display’s lock screen and with just a quick tap or voice command, you’ll be able to make call from the phone’s lock screen itself. This is similar to the Stick Notes, but for contacts.

Interpreter Mode

This feature was introduced last year at CES itself, which allows an Assistant-powered device to translate a conversation between two people who are speaking different languages. Now, more businesses are getting onboard for this, including American Airlines, HSBC banks and a handful of hotels.

While all these features have been announced by Google at CES 2020, the company has not specified any timing about the rollout of such features. Google has just said that they will be released “later this year.”